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Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS)


Business safety and security from fire is a basic but one of the more important facilities in a building. Although a seemingly straightforward from an installation standpoint, it is not to be taken for granted. Fire alarm work can be quite complex, especially when you consider the enormous moral and legal responsibilities involved. But with our experience and expertise in this area, you may rest assured your business is protected with the world-class prevention and early detection systems we specify and install.


The Challenge

To protect their top-of-the-line vehicles, an authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles commissioned us to secure one of their major showrooms in Metro Manila.

Our Solution

To expedite time while ensuring quality service and to provide quality security monitoring, we used two types of dome-shaped cameras and one bullet-type. We installed 53 dome-shaped, wall and ceiling mounted network cameras within the showroom and office premises. Waterproofed and vandal-proofed, each of the dome-shaped cameras came with a varifocal lens and a built-in infrared illuminator. The 3D Noise Reduction function provided a clearer image during playback and actual recording as well.

The Challenge

To help their security forces ensure the safety of their employees, students, and guests while within campus premises, the oldest university in the Philippines decided to install a CCTV system on campus. Phase 1: Install 586 cameras in five (5) buildings Phase 2: Install an additional 718 cameras for the Engineering, Education, Accountancy and High School Buildings, the research complex, the student center and the creation of a Network Operating Center (NOC) for the CCTV system.

Our Solution

Phase 1: Using state-of-the-art IP cameras from 3S Vision, Net Pacific installed units of IP cameras at strategic places in the five (5) buildings. Net Pacific used domeshaped and bullet-type cameras, both water-proof (IP67) and vandal-proof (IP68) and with varifocal lenses and infrared capability. We also fabricated wire ways with a custom-made cable tray, wall mount cabinet and openbay rack cabinet specially made for the campus’ CCTV and data requirements, and used Belden Cat5e and Cat6 cables as the backbone of its structured cabling. Brands used in their network were Cisco Core Switch, HP POE & GE UPS. With a long term partnership with the university, we intend to bridge CCTV connections from Phase 1 to the NOC for a more unified and centralized monitoring system within the campus.

The Challenge

The civilian national police force of the Philippines needed a way to connect the security systems at Camp Bagong Diwa to the Manila Police District using radio and called on us to address that need.

Our Solution

In order to link the existing cameras, Net Pacific’s team chose strategically placed buildings within the line of sight of a military base and the Manila Police District. We set up on top of buildings and linked FireTide radio using a parabolic antenna. Net Pacific also set up units of 42” 24/7 industrial LFD monitors