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Data Center


With IT and interconnectivity being the norm in the way business is done, data centers have become an indispensable mechanical and electrical infrastructure for enterprises. From small server closets to a million square-foot, standalone buildings, we’ve got the experience and the expertise when it comes to data center engineering.


The Challenge

The largest retailer in the Philippines chose Hewlett-Packard Philippines as the system integrator for its all-new data center, which would serve as the group’s centralized data and command center for nationwide operations. Security and safety of information was of the utmost concern, which was why HP relied on our expertise for the structured cabling, CCTV, and auxiliary packages for the project.

Our Solution

We installed MPO cables by TE Connectivity and their accompanying system, a pre-tested factory solution with a high-density MPO connector at the heart of the system. We also installed the fiber backbone on seven floors.

To address security in the facility, we installed a CCTV system, comprised full HD IP cameras, varifocal IP cameras, a centralized management system with a television monitor, and a LILIN Central Video Management System. Along with visual security, we deployed proximity readers and biometrics HandKey readers to secure strategic rooms such as the data center, command center, and surveillance monitoring center. For data center protection, we specified and installed the ELSA Advanced System for efficient leak detection in telecommunication switching rooms and rooms for semi-conduction and wafer manufacturing. Lastly, to secure the whole facility, we installed a Gulf Security Technology fire alarm system, as well as addressable smoke detectors, one addressable heat detector, addressable strobe horns, and six (6) addressable manual pull stations integrated into the FDAS.

The Challenge

A major telecommunications service’s extensive network upgrade program requires an innovative approach in I.T. facilities due to massive data and voice handling requirements. The company adopted the modular data center concepts, the first in the country, to house its high speed LTE computing networks required by more than 25,000 base stations and cell sites nationwide.

Our Solution

Net Pacific’s team designed and implemented end-to-end copper and fiber optics cabling solutions using Panduit Cat6A UTP structured cabling and 10G OM4 fiber backbone. It completed a total of 9 kms of 8-core and 12-core 10G fiber including the entire raceway using Panduit fiber Runner, and also implemented the Electrical Works systems of Avatar project through the client's general contractor. Net Pacific’s technical and logistic teams consolidated the sourcing of various components to meet the delivery challenges of all shipping methods to ensure timely project completion.

The Challenge

One of the premier banks in the Philippines needed a data center that allows express, high-speed bandwidth transactions without sacrificing security. Our task was to implement and deploy the structured cabling system for their main and offsite data centers.

Our Solution

We provided structured cabling solutions from TE Connectivity and secured data cabinets from Emerson to ensure a reliable and error-free network foundation comprised of a TruNet copper solution, as well as a fiber and cable management solution. The TruNet copper solutions guaranteed CAT6 performance, ensuring maximum network speed, throughput, and efficiency. The indoor tight-buffered OM3 multimode fiber cable offered a low –smoke zero halogen (LSZH) high-speed 10GB solution. Therefore, the company was able to establish a robust, high-performance, and future-proof network infrastructure at its consolidated center. They also enjoyed optimized data center management and performance for its Information & Communications Technology and data centers.